Posted by kll on March 28 2013 18:47:24
here i test the new dLAN Ethernet / USB extender.

get 2 starter sets from germany / my friend buy them from for 98euro / + transport
Devolo dLAN 200AV USB extender Starter Kit

while i wait for the post to arrive i already draw some concept what's the idea i want to test.

why i buy 2 sets without knowing if i can use it for arduino?
well, if not, then i can use the 2 ethernet boxes as a powerline to the far end of my house, where the wifi is very bad,
and one USB box for my printer what now requires a network computer to run.

pls find here also the manual

but as usual i was not lucky, i see all 4 devices on the devolo dLAN Cockpit software
but could never connect any USB device to the USB extender.
test one printer, 2 USB drives, one USB stick and well i tried, a ARDUINO.

also see 2 major differences compared to the manual,
the IP config field and the USB connect button is missing???
So, waiting for answer from support, still hoping i just do something wrong,
i put that expensive test aside........
ok: that was a clear answer, !uninstall the old software ( from the CD ) ( both)
and install new version,
and also new version of firmware for USB extender. ( just start the firmware-dlan-200-av-usb-extender-5.exe from a situation where you see the USB extender in the Cockpit software )

after that installation i see first time a green connection line between the device and a speed indication.
but when i wanted to test the printer all was off again...
LAST RESORT: FIREWALL OFF and i have connection to the USB extenders.
i not understand but there is in the firewall 2 times the dLAN Cockpit software
( from the 2 installations?) and for home network its enabled, for public not, if i enable there also, USB works.
testprint via powerline and then the real test: ARDUINO

here i connect computer via ethernet to dLAN and ARDUINO UNO USB to dLAN USB extender,
actually that was not a distance test!
i see a COM9 port ( by the ethernet virtual USB drivers ) and upload and check serial monitor
old FTDI arduinos i still have to test.
But it looks great.
49 Euro is not cheap for a link to a arduino, but again, here you can not only transport some data ( like with Ethernet / WIFI / GPRS shields ) also configure remotely.

As i buy 2 sets i also have the usual dLAN ( ethernet ) options,
test laptop and file download with WLAN ( medium connection 3/5 bars )
and via dLAN ( WLAN OFF ) and get about same download speed 250kB/sec
( for the new arduino windows 1.0.4 version zip download)
means in both cases the internet is the speed limitation and not the house network.

if only WLAN still Cockpit can see the 2 dLAN devices ( via router).

as a last feature ( pls see concept again ) i want to work again with the RPI
and test it
- on a dLAN ethernet ( operation SSH/ FTP/ Webserver )
- try to install dLAN linux version on it
- and connect to a remote arduino for data collection.
( if there is a driver for this USB over Ethernet for linux )