what is WipperSnapper
Posted by kll on January 21 2023 15:41:27
as you might have noticed,
with the PICO and PICO_W boards i concentrate on ?OS? ?IDE? ?firmware?
not official SDK, not Arduino IDE, not MicroPython
only CircuitPython
get it from: https://circuitpython.org/board/raspberry_pi_pico_w/
also can buy the boards from https://www.adafruit.com/product/5526
but i like CYTRON Malaysia because they deliver to my door and allow COD
and remember in one of the first tests i use free https://io.adafruit.com account
and now i want to check out
new guide wippersnapper

follow the manual we do:
-1- download and flash wippersnapper.rpi_pico_w.1.0.0-beta.57.uf2
-2- edit secrets.json / ssid + ssid-password + io-username + io-key
-3- power-cycle board ( by USB cable )
and already online see it is detected:

now can start add hardware

some breadboard hardware

and test online:

still problem POTI aka Ain port?? never see a value.
can select GP 0 ..3 but not GP 26 27 28
see A0 .. A3
but value is 0.0

report ISSUE

LED aka Dout
+ diode-resistor-Dout
would need a OUTPUT INVERT

make a DASHBOARD from
+ pico PB Din2 see online
+ online PB see LED Dout1

got a email about the issue, i should upgrade to beta-60
but have some problems...
anyhow NOW see A26 and DO1 / DI2 / boardLED working