Win10-VMware-Kali Linux
Posted by kll on June 26 2022 18:31:17
i see at twitter
about Kali Linux

so i try it:

first get the VMware
as VMware-player-full-16.2.3-19376536.exe with 0.6GB
install and reboot

and download the Kali
as kali-linux-2022.2-vmware-amd64.7z with 2.5GB
but can not open it??
after unzip ?11GB? find and start
get error about BIOS?

ok, i have a Gigabyte motherboard
[F12] ( boot select) or NumPad [Del] at boot

+ Advanced Frequency settings
+ Advanced CPU core settings
+ SVM mode [ enable ]

[save exit] boot

start___ VMware workstation
select__ Kali Linux
login___ kali kali

- - update upgrade hang many times ( add i did install MC )
- - copy paste win/VM_linux not work
- - file access via shared path/drive did not work
+ + install ssh and find IP ( ifconfig ) and login from 'this' PC ( bitvise SSH client ) kali kali and filetransfer OK