digitizer table
Posted by kll on October 07 2019 12:50:27
a table with a mechanical arm with rotary encoders
and a Arduino give the position of the tip of the arm
via USB cable to a PC with Processing.

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besides i not know how the original project should work ( is used ),

what i up to now miss is a kind of trigger ( best a push button in the tip )
what triggers the send and store. ( in my simulation press key [t] )

i first make a simulation of the table in processing,
where 3 angles can be adjusted ( MouseWheelPlusPlus and key [1][2][3] )
and that part of the show works already.

a 3D measuring table simulation

( this first version uses wrong naming E1 E2 E3 instead E0 E1 E2. )

next i work on the back calculation ( and document here )
like MWPP key [x][y][z] or [q][w][e]
but that part is not ready for download now as it gives wrong E2??

and for the next idea all simulation operations ( key [1 2 3 q w e] MWPP ) will be disabled:

i got a copy of the Arduino code used,
( it send calculated data X Y Z 10 times per sec.)

but i changed it back to
* send angles in deg.
* send as float ASCII with 6 decimals to have a readable monitor/terminal for diagnostic.
making a byte protocol is ?state of the art? but with 10 lines per sec and 19200 Bd actually not needed.
also i understand the idea might have been to have good resolution,
but inside the code the double numbers via float functions
feed double values send as float ( 4 bytes )...
anyhow all calculations inside Arduino not needed for my test.
now i want connect both.

untested as i have no table and encoders, just a arduino leonardo connected: