move to STRETCH
Posted by kll on August 24 2017 10:08:47
here i install and start the (new) Raspbian Stretch via PINN, so no need to show here again.
despite many want move slowly, or even back JESSIE,
i want start check/port some of my old tools

lucky, the first start of the current
MY_BLOG ( original here ) worked well.
Python Flask Jinja2 sqlite3, using example flaskr mini blog from here as a start, and i added a
+ + HTML 5 template,
+ + GPIO and USB Arduino connection ( what mods the BLOG to a uPCS )
anyhow, i copy from my working JESSIE to the new STRETCH and started it / NO PROBLEMO
( if i think what the guys are fighting stretch with / apache / but no mysql any more ...)

i made a rev 0.91 and a copy reduced only for GPIO ( and login and setting )
might need the myblog version for the HELP page only for understanding the whole thing, or read here

find the code

well, it is not fully tested, what i need to do first is to get the ARDUINO thing working again.
(note: for the whole myBlog there is no installation of software required as python3 flask ... is all in RASPBIAN (JESSIE) STRETCH, but to run the arduino tool from the RPI need that installation.
( if you not want that, you can flash the arduino from PC arduino IDE and then just connect it to the RPI )
i do it usually under Downloads ( not too smart... ) and use a script what does INSTALL OR UPDATE
( and you not have to check for new path or version numbers.. as i just use the NEWEST build "nightly" )
# arduino update
cd /home/pi/Downloads
rm -v arduino-nightly-linuxarm.tar.xz
sudo rm -r arduino-nightly
tar xvJf arduino-nightly-linuxarm.tar.xz
cd arduino-nightly
echo 'setup arduino IDE'
# show version ( 1.8.2 == 1.8.1 ++ nightly )
sed -n '1p' revisions.txt
echo 'now pls try in desktop'

chmod +x
despite some warnings looks good
now pls try in desktop
pi@RPI3:~/Downloads $

get the icon on desktop and at start makes a sketchdir at
/home/pi/Arduino/ ( ++ /libraries )

for test the uPCS need to change the Arduino sketch path

to find the code at
connect hardware:

i needed a "active window" screen print [Alt][Print Screen]
( better as PC + VNC + Snagit "region" )
so i check in RPI STRETCH
+ scrot is installed
+ print key is linked, but i change:
nano .config/openbox/lxde-pi-rc.xml
change from:
scrot -u Desktop/share/%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S_snap.png
scrot Desktop/share/%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S_snap.png

now [Alt][Print Screen] gives me this in my samba shared /Desktop/share/ directory
( and that key combo also works via VNC )

and for myblog do
./start ( or desktop icon ) ,
from browser get RPI_IP:4567 or local
menu login ( admin, default ),
menu uPCS
( need internal first to start the service to arduino, so one error for faceplategroup show..
as there the arduino is restarted and has a time delay .)
after 10sec.. need browser refresh.
uPCS system overview and faceplate group

uPCS detail faceplate and PID loop operation:

now i would say it's tested.
p.s. one major open point is that there is no "boot" "auto start" for that web server until now!

for test a new setup of apache php mysql phpmyadmin under STRETCH see Link

now i want stop play RPI, instead use RPI to play ESP here

i play long time ago about change from user "pi" to user "po"
and got heavy problems, now start again also related to DougieLawson
win7 PC:
SD card in USB card-reader
etcher 1.1.2 setup NO eject / NO validate
etcher burn to 16GB SD card (13min) ( incl validate 24min )
copy ssh and wpa_supplicant.conf file (trick)
RPI3 / move SD card / power up
tablet: FING find
PC: PUTTY login pi raspberry
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade -y
sudo nano /etc/dhcpcd.conf
interface enxb827eb58bf66
static ip_address=
static routers=
static domain_name_servers=

interface wlan0
static ip_address=
static routers=
static domain_name_servers=
sudo raspi-config / name: RPO / timezone: asia/bangkok / VNC: ON /


sudo reboot
VNC test
put SD card in card reader
put original system SD in RPI, card reader in USB
edit: "pi" to "po"
system is in sda2 mounted as

follow DougieLawson

sudo nano $THESD/passwd
_: po:x:1000:1000:,,,:/home/po:/bin/bash
sudo nano $THESD/group
_: 15 times pi to po
sudo nano $THESD/shadow
_: change one time


cd /media/pi/037616fd-28fe-4652-8248-2042ea30b929/home
sudo mv pi po
sudo nano $THESD/systemd/system/autologin\@.service
_: ExecStart=-/sbin/agetty --autologin po --noclear %I $TERM

check /etc/sudoers, but no pi, only %sudo
___run that SD
shutdown and change SD card
login to desktop required: (po) newpw
my own desktop picture gone?? must link new at /home/po/xxx
sudo ok
sudo raspi-config ok
install ok
ssh putty and VNC ok with new user po newpw
___must do this:
sudo raspi-config / 3 boot options / B1 desktop / B4 auto login as po / !!!!!
now desktop auto login works fine
____still small problems
ufw need sudo pw
mc start hangs for 10sec // sudo mc NO PROBLEM ??

pls check for more files to change here

on my old win7 PC upgrade to:
win32 Disk Imager 1.0

finally 15min at 17MB/s for a 16GB apacer SD
+ + play with the "allocated partition" thing also, but what does it mean? 14min only
so not partitioned drive space is not copied?

play VPN here