Posted by kll on February 21 2013 21:01:38
this PHP-Fusion infusion allows to create a new / use any existing table/,
build views for guest, member, admin, super admin,
incl. rights-list for ADD, EDIT, DELETE

manuals step 1 / 2
info 1.0
info 1.1

now in rev 7.2.6V1
it is even possible to install the tool multiple, just with very small change in the code
MOD only in infusion_db.php
$thisinfusion_inst="2"; // in case you need 2 installations of same infusion use here like "2" for the called menu name

the admin setup has 3 sections,
- edit a existing config,
- select a table from database to be used ( pls do not use php-fusion core tables in EDIT mode)
- make a new table
admin setup

the admin setup edit
contains the rights matrix console,
guest, member, admin, super admin,
can see, edit, (add, delete) records,
a where restriction for each column ( NOT user dependent )
what column to show in table or in detail or edit view.
and how to interpret the content, as text, image, link, filelink, date
admin setup edit

on this site you can see a installations of this tool,
it looks at a small new table ( index, country, mini flag, maxi flag ) where the flag files are at subdir downloads/.
as guest you can not edit the table or see the admin tools.