my recent projects to learn about micro controller and more:

if you need a easy start for electronic / hardware pls. see this video first

Arduino+++ Circuit Python and RPI PICO

+++ Arduino IDE 2.0 and RPI PICO

+++ Arduino IDE 2.0

+++ RPI, ESP, MQTT for WATT Meter


+++ Arduino teaching

+++ Processing + Video + Arduino trigger recording

+++ update: PoorManScope3 with Arduino

+++ update RPI & MQTT

+++ update RPI & Arduino

+++ ESP & Arduino

+++ ESP & OLED ( as MQTT client )

+++ ESP vs Arduino

+++ Firmata use processing...

+++ EMON power monitor revival

+++ ARDUINO.ORG M0 update 12/2016

+++ new Genuino MKR1000

+++ link to RTOS to Arduino board

+++ link to low power applications

+++ RPI arduino serial digging

+++ data collection to IoT cloude, new approach

+++ RPI and Arduino IDE & the JESSIE challenge

+++ Time and RTC libs and now also USB menu update

+++ Arduino latching relay output

+++ Arduino NEWS update 2.7.2015

+++ Arduino can MIDI?

+++ Arduino Battery Loading / UPS / emergency LED light

+++ Arduino debug tips

+++ Arduino DUE ( or MEGA) as a Process Control System

+++ Arduino - RPI - PID faceplate + current trend + tune

+++ Arduino USB MENU update incl. RTC

+++ Arduino & ATLAS water monitoring II

+++ Arduino and RFID test

+++ Arduino DUE is it a ferrari?

+++ Arduino and power mosfet

+++ workplace setup

+++ Arduino signal generator

+++ and PoorManScope3

+++ Arduino TEST BENCH + processing 3.5D graph / data CSV file

+++ Arduino + powerline

+++ WIFLY shield for EMON ( records to web database)

+++ touch LCD for EMON

Raspberry PI
we all know how to get our info for play with raspberry pi - RPI homepage with forum and blog and tutorials
- internet search
- look YouTube video
- get news via social media like g+
* * now today i want you to take a look at a also very interesting media: free online magazines
this model comparison helps too

NOTE: in my BLOG about RPI i write down every command ( in bold )
if you work like me use "putty" / "bitvise SSH client" for headless operation
you can copy paste all that commands from BLOG to PUTTY window, what allows a very fast working style.

i like the new video at RPI, but a overview poster would be also good, so i make a design

+++ RPI new OS 'Bullseye'

+++ RPI4 as Chrome Book

+++ RPI4 Manjaro Arch Linux

+++ RPI Julia language

+++ RPI GO language / failed about GoTTY

+++ RPI RUST language



+++ CMS?framework for RPI Node server


+++ RPI-Chrome-Book

+++ RPI-Processing P5.js-GITLAB

+++ Raspberry Pi build Processing

+++ Raspberry Pi 4

+++ "C language" for beginner on Windows 10 & Raspberry Pi

+++ RPI_export

+++ P5.JS online editor / game tutorial

+++ RPI Node P5.JS

+++ RPI Processing Video

+++ RPI SAMBA to WIN 10 PC

+++ RPI test Processing again

+++ RPI use MQTT


+++ Python3 Signal Filter and Line Chart

+++ SD card check

+++ Image Backup

+++ Raspbian Desktop tweaks

+++ BASH colors and new scripts UPDATE 04/2018

+++ web site, mini blog, flask, flaskr, sqlite, html5up UPDATE 05/2018

+++ Python / SONIC THEREMIN emulation

+++ ASM on RPI??

+++ industrial control system

+++ WEB SERVER with Raspbian STRETCH

+++ move to Raspbian STRETCH

+++ RPI3 and CAM ( USB + RPI ) ++ tools


+++ webserver php-fusion 9 CMS

+++ USB boot

+++ RPI CH IDE ( C / C ++)

+++ RPI password reset

+++ autostart

+++ RPI and python 3D programming

+++ RPI and NODE new frameworks

+++ RPI OS on PC

+++ RPI to learn GUI programming update QT5

+++ old RPI but new camera setup

+++ RPI's new desktop

+++ MEAN stack

+++ RPI update

+++ RPI webserver project: QUEUE

+++ RPI ONLINE update 18-02-2017

+++ JESSIE beta?

+++ processing 3 - -

+++ some admin work

+++ NOOBS "very headless" setup

+++ data collection to IoT cloude, new approach

+++ PMS3 on RPI and Arduino

+++ my new RPI 2

+++ RPI and Arduino IDE

+++ RPI headless working tips

+++ learn linux by using DEBIAN on desktop PC too

+++ RPI to learn GUI programming update download zip 25.8.2015

+++ RPI System Update, Berryboot retest

+++ RPI Python PYGAME Sound Synth

+++ RPI Install script

+++ RPI webserver myDYNDNS

+++ RPI play MATHEMATICA & SONIC and more sound tools


+++ RASPBERRY PI with ARDULINK to arduino ( mega)

+++ RASPBERRY PI with very small linux version

+++ RASPBERRY PI with arduino and processing IDE and test PMS3 with it


+++ restart RASPBERRY PI

PHP-Fusion CMS+++ php-fusion backup, site copy ..

+++ play with SVG and PHP to create a WEB FONT
and have 97 a 32 space 103 g 111 o 111 o 100 d 32 space 116 t 105 i 109 m 101 e

+++ USB stick multiboot linux

+++ BUDGET PC build

+++ LED household lamps

+++ PC + Chrome Browser + NODE NEXT IDE

+++ reuse old PC PS

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that's how my PC desktop looks like

MEMBERs banned

there seems to be a spam email problem and i worry it's from that BLOG cms,
so i deactivated the registration and BAN all members what could possibly be connected with that,
sorry if i treat you wrong.
anyhow there is no member system needed for my blog, forum... not to be used.

we lost a friend

today we lost our good friend ZELLE, who moved with us from koh samui to chiang mai,
this is a well known breed in Thailand with a gene defect, early death caused by kidney failure,
we lost 2 of these.

PHP-Fusion CMS

CMS Content Management System PHP-Fusion

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hallo world!
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