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upgarde to RPI 2B / SD card check

It took me long to upgarde to RPI 2, local shops still expensive, now i buy here,
and as i order some more things ( you will find in future blogs ) i was over 2000THB / 60$ so no add. transport... fee
and like any "beginner" i want see the obvious things / questions answered:

++ can i use same software?
i test my latest SD cards on it:
a WHEEZY, updated, running new arduino IDE and my newly packed GUI_test
- just put in and try to run programs ...
++ it boots, putty and RDP ok ( leases a new IP from router )
++ heavy programs like browser, synaptic and arduino IDE much faster
++ but i see a problem in my sysinfo:
+++ as i used in the wheezy system in config.txt a tuning setting it could conflict with RPI2B
+++ SET: arm_freq=700, core_freq=250 READ: arm: frequency(45)=600.000.000 ?? shouldn't that be 900 now?
need first to clean up my config.txt
sudo nano /boot/config.txt # for all ( my default ) tuning
sudo reboot
did not change anything, possibly the cpu freq parameter is different with RPI2B cpu
i use vcgencmd measure_clock arm
but now i should use:
sudo cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_min_freq
sudo cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq
sudo cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_max_freq

- make a update/upgrade ...
error reading Release.gpg, and only 4 not upgraded / kept back

and my new made JESSIE SD card, also with new arduino IDE
all runs
++ whats the real speed difference
now i want to see if RPI 2 B really shows speed ( the mentioned 6 times faster i think is just a dream),
i want search for more benchmark tools: here
while i wait for the post from Bangkok i already check RPI B with this tool ( and the 2 system SD's )
note: as the tool comes as ZIP each program must do first
chmod +x test

results: here
but also see here and here
sudo apt-get install sysbench -y
sysbench --test=cpu --num-threads=4 run
// RPI1B wheezy 505sec jessie 549sec / RPI2B wheezy 74sec jessie 73sec/ ( possibly here the "6 times faster" comes from )
sysbench --test=memory --memory-block-size=1M --memory-total-size=10G --num-threads=4 run
// RPI1B wheezy 5.74sec jessie 6.24sec / RPI2B wheezy 1.81sec jessie 1.83sec/
sysbench --test=fileio --file-test-mode=rndwr --file-total-size=16MB --num-threads=4 prepare
sysbench --test=fileio --file-test-mode=rndwr --file-total-size=16MB --max-requests=1000 --num-threads=4 run
// RPI1B wheezy 165sec jessie 108sec / RPI2B wheezy 116sec jessie 101sec/
that SD speed is faster with the RPI2B, but my own test ( see later ) today show
RPI1B r: 8.5MB/s w: 7.5MB/s RPI2B r: 22MB/s w: 20MB/s
what would be a big boost ( only for a 10MB file tested).

other question about cpu temperature, overclocking, cooling..
-1- RPI1B can use 1 big heatsink ( alu or copper cooler ) on the cpu / actually memory snap on) and 2 smaller on the ethernet chip and the "old" 3v3 regulator.
-2a- RPI1B+ and RPI2B have a different power electric and actually seems difficult to cool the "new" 3v3 regulator
-2b- RPI2B has a separated the cpu and the memory / now on the back of the board / so cpu cooling even less critical
-3- i read there can be a operation to up to 85degC ( in the cpu ) but raspberry pi will automatically lower the overclock if it gets above 80C
so, as i buy a new RPI2B
AND 1 heat-sink pack ( 3pcs / with the 3M heat transfer tape on the back), looks now like i will install it on the "old" RPI1B.
just to see the differences: see following photos from SEEED: RPI1B and RPI2B

there are many question in forum about what SD card to use, and also many answers: here and here and here and here
like i also tested SD card speed here on the WHEEZY RPI B, using a simple file copy command
-- READ: from SD to RAM DISK
-- WRITE: from RAM DISK to SD
have a file at /home/pi/
rsync -ah --progress /home/pi/10mbtestfile /run/shm/10mbtestfile ( use for the read test )
rm /home/pi/10mbtestfile
rsync -ah --progress /run/shm/10mbtestfile /home/pi/10mbtestfile ( use for the write test )
rm /run/shm/10mbtestfile
for my above SD speed test on a RPI 2 up to 20MB/s where reported in forum, Note: That was the 64GB card in the Pi2B, overclocked to 1000/500/7.
as my old SD cards on a untuned RPI B show 8 ..10 MB/s i was impressed, while the buyer of that expensive card was very disappointed!
summary: ++ 8GB class 6 .. 10 is OK
++ SD read write speed can be better with ULTRA EXTREME cards, but only little bit, far from card spec. so you buy 50MB/s and get 15MB/s via RPI
++ tuning the RPI can also speed up the SD card / or destroy it

i was thinking that a read back of the SD card info block could be helpful,
but only run into more questions. anyhow i pack it into my tool
#for src in cid csd scr date fwrev hwrev manfid name oemid serial erase_size preferred_erase_size type uevent ; do \
# deep info
for src in date fwrev hwrev manfid name oemid serial type ; do \
echo -e "$src:\t$(cat /sys/block/mmcblk0/device/$src)" ; \

here my WHEEZY system is on a uSD Apacer 8GB class 10 HC /manfid 0x73??
and my JESSIE system is on a uSD SanDisk Ultra 8GB class 10 HC I /manfid 0x03

now, with 2 RPI and with 2 system SD easily get confused, i want the system tell me
which one it is.
edit .bash_aliases, that is not only for alias definitions,
its just a bash command what is executed at every terminal start and i add at the end:
problem is i first try to rename ( raspi-config hostname ) to RPI1 or RPI2, but that's very bad, what if you swap the SD cards!
i have no prof. way to do it, but i know that the hostname is not only shown at every terminal line,
it is also used with samba shares...
better / after i fix IP / jessie ...101 / wheezy ...102 / rename hostname to RPI101 / RPI102
independent from the board/cpu the SD card is in.

i am little bit confused, i start RPI2B first time from HDMI..
and try WLAN, not lucky! router or system?
pls read more about the system change dhcpcd... and new setup in dhcpcd.conf also for noobs noir... Link

update 22.8.2015
now as i have a more powerful RPI want also try some "bigger" programs. OFFICE
sudo apt-get install libreoffice
i see some bad things like "openjdk-6-jre-xxx so i not expect too much
looks good and fast!
is there a problem? i tried
sudo apt-get install libreoffice-gtk much bigger but less readable, BAD TIP?

it is not my choice, usually use open office instead of libre office ( ? the icon set confuses me )
but much more i like GOOGLE DRIVE / DOCS..., but sadly this not work with ?new? browser in RPI.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install iceweasel icedtea-7-plugin

now here the next step:
i make with libre office my first drawing and save it under my Desktop/share/ samba folder.
and close it.
and on PC open it with open office from that shared RPI location and can work and save ( or save as to a PC location )
if that file is still open by open office and i try on RPI to open it i get a correct warning!