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as i see there is the new ARDUINO 1.6.0 available here
i hurry to download ( and i had a incredible good download speed )
i usually just use the ZIP version / so unzip and update my desktop link and start. ok

( i checked again on my preferences and see "check for updates on startup" is enabled / seems not to work )
on the first look nothing new there, so i try to find info:
in the new makeup web site / download there is a small link text about the release notes,
well i was disappointed because i follow up anyhow with nightly builds,
so there was nothing new here, but compared to 1.5.9 there are some changes
++ 38400 baudrate again
++ boolean variable is now real a boolean and not a byte
++ serial monitor exhaustion on too many ( fast ) data from arduino
++ full rebuild
++ improved libs and examples

as it is a build from 8.2.2015 its very new, lets see how fast the first fixes have to drop in.
- - still there is no "recent (files)", why the hell they had to delete it from the processing IDE code
- - the menu still overlap a vew pixel and the empty "column left" or TAB insert
- - the preferences are in C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Arduino15 ??

i have most of the versions as zip and unzip ( ready to run )
what takes now about 13GB ( only IDE, no project code ) i will need to clean up one day
why i still keep it? problem is that some old projects only work with some libs installed in specific
IDE versions. you see? that is a conceptual problem, user libs should be with the project!
( independent from IDE , so i could delete IDE and if required restore from zip )
ARDUINO 1.6.1 - 2015.03.10
use JVM 8u31

and here some bad news:
arduino was founded by 5 people, and now we hear that one of them, also the owner of the factory producing the original arduino, split and not share the "extra profit" what we were thinking is to support arduino idea, community... it seems to be a long cooking story just made public: here and here
why i am not surprised? because i think all people are bad anyhow? NO. but the money ( what comes with the success ) tempts us.
personally i have a much better story to tell, after university time i team with some guys i know from play electronics and from play politics and we opened first a small company, made some hardware jobs to collect money, opened a "ltd", rented a shop and started to develop a computer.
when we ready to start sales and production we run out of money and shut it down.
Back from the dream to the real world of ( only ) working for money. But in that 4 years not one fight. now, 30 years later, only have email contact with one of them, and related to above arduino story i could not tell if it would have been such a good feeling if we would ever have made profit?
anyhow you learn

now what we make of it?
if we buy still the original arduino boards from that "scam" ? we get the known quality,
but 4 times the price of the china copies?

lets start work again!

update 2.7.2015 again about arduino.XX

after i read here

about Federico Musto, CEO of Arduino( .ORG ) announces a new IDE,
who buy the arduino production from Gianluca Martino, one of the original arduino team 2009 [Massimo Banzi], [David Cuartielles], [David Mellis], [Tom Igoe], [Gianluca Martino], after he worked with that team to develop the Arduino Yun

i try to check on the situation about ARDUINO .CC or .ORG

-1- IDE
while i work with ardoino IDE 1.6.5 ( 1.6.6 as nightly build )
from _.CC_

i now see at _.ORG_ a IDE 1.7.5
and that new arduino studio not based on processing, use the webdesign editor from by Adobe.

i download both 269MB (736MB unpack)
i think thats mainly about the BOARD LIST see also -2- 264MB (705MB unpack) ( name length warning )
using a UNO / com3 /
while with IDE 1.7.5 i could do upload and monitor my latest usb-menu version,
using studio i could upload only one example, my code did not work,
possibly because the folder/tab ( multiple .ino files ) not supported now.
and more tests did not work, just for the LOOK:

-2- boards
while shop run out of boards and start production in america
and now also in china by SEEED

when i see special NEWs at
arduino M0 ( cpu SAMD21 MCU ) and a PRO version ( that's the ZERO )
and a leonardo ethernet ( also with PoE ) use W5500 by _.ORG_