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RPI Install script

in some last Raspberry articles i refer to a downloadable script
what updates a new SD card with burned/setup RASPBIAN
or installs my projects like the PID application.

i think the way with the setup tool is the right one and i will let it grow:
-1- with RPI the system versions change faster as with windows.
-2- the requirement for setup a other SD card
-3- to deploy applications
-4- but mainly to fight ALZHEIMER

idea is not to write here all the commands to install something on RPI,
( for you, but also for me to remember )
instead put the commands in a script already and
just one time show here where you get it and how you use the script

always read it first and only start it if it does what you need.
to download the PID tools to your PC as zip see here

get and run the install script for RPI
install info
what is new in this version is:
- the share location changed
- the desktop icons for the project operation are in a subdir "KLL"

for update pls first delete a existing one.

to show the options run it and read the info

to update RASPBIAN and install mc, gnash, tightvncserver
it uses interfaces and vncserver
still manually must do vncserver :1 and give password like: piremote piremote n
sudo reboot
open from LAN PC VNC viewer with VNC server:

to install arduino, python tools, and my PID projects incl operation from Desktop
moreoptions for PID tool:
autostart_run ( UNO version )
autostart_2_run ( MEGA DUE version )
autostart_PMS3_run ( PoorManScope )

to cleanup RAMDISK
is needed when you switch from autostarted PID tool (root) to test/work with IDLE (pi)
after using stop ( from desktop tool )
new options:
my python project about test RPI audio and sound generation, more info
i play with camera and use a very small python tool to make a photo and show it ( works also via VNC ) all operable from desktop
but i copy all other tests too.
a apache webserver is installed ( with port adjustment ), more info
local call:
you should mod your router too, to call it from outside. But for this would need also a DYN DNS running, the cron job example for the update is already included,
to change the cron timing:
sudo nano /etc/cron.d/mycronjob
to change OWNERPW password,
DOMAIN yourdyndns and MYIP_URL yourdyndns call URL
sudo chmod 755 /etc/cron.d/
sudo nano /etc/cron.d/
sudo chmod 500 /etc/cron.d/

and under /home/pi/ find a MYDYNDNS.ZIP,
thats the php source you need to run on your own DYN DNS server
( not this RPI ) and change password, port and weburl in settings.php
you will need a server/hoster / free typ is ok as long can do:
- make a subdomain like rpi
copy the ( modified ) php code in ( by ftp).