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RPI operates ARDUINO PID control

and the "HT: historic trend button must link to the google sheet. ( i made mine public read now )
it can open a browser, but the RPI browser can not show the graph like your browser?

and RPI is anyway to slow for this.
but for operation from faceplate to arduino time is also too long ( 10sec)

now i have a backup of the SD card with the old system and a zip of the new code,
and above there was the open point with the limitations of the MIDORI browser,
it could not show the google graph. i found here that there is a better browser in development.
lets try that. ( from PC putty / Bitvise SSH client )

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
deb wheezy web
paste as line 2 CTRL O CTRL X
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
[Y] ( one connection error )
sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser ( stopped, do all 2 times )
sudo reboot
- the system still works fine ( and records to google every minute )
- start [start][internet][epiphany web browser] and my webpage looks like it should.
but starting the google web2.0 datapage takes time and then comes with the same "MISSING PLUG IN" error message. But as page not fully loaded and cpu still 100% i want to sit it out.

Hmm, i do not know how to deinstall / remove a package in linux??

update: search the forum of raspberry and i found info regarding
install flash player:
sudo apt-get install gnash
sudo apt-get install browser-plugin-gnash

after that i could see the nice video at raspberry home page
and i tried above google spreadsheet again and got a timeout error

so i started to delete all my records down to a day, a hour, and now i see a graph!

one step, but still RPI to slow for that.