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update: 8.8.2014
i send a friend a copy SD card for his RPI, hoping he save that 4 hours setup
but post EMS was unexpected slow ( 3 days )
first login ok, and then the card went bad???
that same image as ZIP i send him again via SKYPE, need also more than a day.

with a new SD card 8GB class 10 sandisk ( uSD with adapter ) for 290THB
i want setup a new system,
download NOOBS v1-3-9 ZIP 1.4GB in 2 hours
broken so do from the ethernet router connected desktop again
format SD card with SDFormatter
and unzip NOOBS to SD card ( and there still 1.4GB ) about one more hour.

here i write about my first usage of the console cable
this i want now test if i can use it on the uninstalled noobs for a headless installation??
USB console cable connect to PC ( on COM18 ) and black 3, white 4, green 5, RED NOT CONNECTED as RPI is powered

after ENTER see a login

here find that user is root and password is raspberry

now see a # AND DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.
also not find info related to this OS.
so... i must go down to the TV to finish the installation of NOOBS.

- install the debian raspbian
- set US keyboard, asia bangkok, SSH, desktop
- start wifi config ( not work but after reboot ok )
- start PUTTY laptop
( AND my wife can look TV again )

when i say TV i mean TV or monitor with HDMI
just to get that clear,
- newest DEBIAN RASPBIAN image ( SSH enabled already now!) install need
- - computer, cardreader, to make SD card
- - ethernet cable router - RPI
- NOOBS full
- - computer, cardreader, to make SD card
- - TV, RPI with keyboard and mouse
- - wifi adapter for RPI OR ethernet near the TV
- NOOBS light
- - computer, cardreader, to make SD card
- - TV, RPI with keyboard and mouse
- - ethernet near the TV

update 15.8.2014
now also want to recheck on a updated BERRY BOOT

but first had some issues.
a good 8GB card in the cardreader i used long time, can not be opened by windows.
it says need format ( but when try can not ) ( recheck, it still boots the RPI ! )
also SDFormatter tool say it not support that card format
lucky my laptop also have a SD cardreader slot, there the card is ok and can be format...
check with external cardreader still say can not read. so bad luck, must be the device!

download from 30MB in a few seconds
and unzip to SD card.
again i want try a headless installation and check if there are updates:
here a tip about the VNC client adjustment required:
PC VNC to FULL COLOR ( that i change and it might be that, why it never worked b4)
and the file cmdline.txt on the SD card change to
smsc95xx.turbo_mode=N elevator=deadline quiet bootmenutimeout=10 vncinstall ipv4=
one line, separator is "space",
but i think i did exactly that several times and got connection error??
now this headless is working and the debian download 850Mb is running 1 hour / UPS problems, must start download ( selects other mirror) again / second time download stopped / must select OS again ...
now way???

ok lets take a look at that new
also try 2 times but then download 45MB ok

for headless reboot start PC VNC first ( or a second after ) powerup RPI and can see the berryboot bootmenu again, to go to EDIT mode.

( a connection to that OS ( after berryboot menu) does not work ? because there is no VNC server installed ? on that system. But i see that it took the IP from berryboot setting.)
but i hoped i could download debian where with SSH enabled a headless setup can be performed.
ok i will try later again to download it ...
try again, still can not download, but i have a other idea,
there is still the USB stick in the HUB with old BERRYBOOT backups.
i forget how to restore so i have to read my old BLOG,
mouse down on [ADD OS] and wait for selection menu for restore from backup file on USB stick...
ok, i remembered that that is very fast. but still after reboot and wait can not login with putty.
but this time the trick with the console cable worked and i could call
sudo raspi-config to enable SSH ( on that old raspbian ) ( there is a error when i try to enable camera? )
more info to the console cable and here.
so i also run a update / upgrade, no idea if i will end up with a updated 2013 or really get the same we now get with the 2014 system?
anyhow it takes a while, lots of new versions after a year??
ok, it looks more like the old system.
login from putty and VNC works now, so i shutdown and pull the console cable.

with a headless BERRYBOOT installation AND the MULTY OS selection AND the backup/restore of OS
( what even can be used for distribution / collaboration )
BERRYBOOT COULD BE THE WINNER ( bad luck that today the OS download not worked )( 17.8.2014 try download again but stop after 1 hour again, with still same number of bytes to read??? UFF 5th attempt worked)

but to play with many OS you first must be a expert? later the RPI must do one job only,
so i would say the WINNER is
the SSH enabled RASPIAN DEBIAN WHEEZY ( 2014...) standalone ZIP burned to a SDcard

follow up