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lets do a fresh start:

clean up my 16GB SanDisk microSDHC card ( SDSDQUA-O16G-U46A)
with SDFormatter ( option size adjust ON )

download new BERRYBOOT version
unzip to SD card

copy speed tuning and video codec to config.txt

boot RPI and download
-- debian
-- openelec xmbc
-- puppy

as there is still a issue with XBMC ( i can not download skins, add in, connect my network )
i first move all hardware to the router ( not use the powerline network ) but not help.
rename the XBMC entry in berryboot menu and
install again XBMC as new ( so not use clone!) ( and set as default )

screen adjust
-- system, settings, system, video output, video calibration
( move top left, bottom right by mouse inwards to adjust fullscreen )

test putty ( connection refused )
-- system, openelec, services, ENABLE start sshserver at boot
( OK, reboot )
putty login ( user: root pw: openelec ) OK

test WEATHER wait 2min( show weather underground) and wait 12 min!
( still say fetching forecast info )

cpu info: 95 .. 100%

-- system, settings, appearance, skin, click SKIN, click GET MORE
only see .. while other see there a list of downloadable skins????

so, its not the network, not a ( by other tests already fucked up ) installation

login putty ssh again
( ls -la /storage/.config/ )
cd /storage/.config/
nano samba.conf.sample

workgroup = MYWORKGROUP

[ctrl][O] write to samba.conf !!
and also save file to usb stick:
cp samba.conf /media/KINGSTON/

reboot and check to connect from win 7
-- putty OK
-- network NO
-- browser // NO
-- cmd ping OK

reboot to debian and check internet access with explorer OK
i think i am just not lucky with mediaplayer...

here now i got some help from a friend
-- i do a berryboot backup of that XBMC system and send via GOOGLE DRIVE
( 110MB only, not full SD card )
and he not install, just copy onto his SD card.
and there network and samba OK,
but skin add in ... also not???
then i try again ( after 2 win 7 computer not show XMBC )
to boot linux stick MINT CINNAMON 15 ( WLAN worked out of the box )
and in file manager see the RPI XBMC. ( also all USB media accessible )
So, RPI, powerline network, hardware all ok.

XBMC: change to fix IP, enable UPnP, check workgroup from system settings

my windows network setups / even with firewall OFF / are too strict??
after delete homegroup ( leave homegroup ) , firewall off, advanced sharing settings..
i still not see the computer ( like from LINUX), but windows media player show the video files from XBMC.

but still there is the issue with XBMC not see skins, add ins for download,
while building library ( with movie info from internet ) worked.
and that error we moved with the berryboot backup to a other location??
so its in the XBMC setup while installation at my location??

but anyhow using that berryboot backup feature
( to image files on the USB stick ) is very good.
You can copy the SD or any single installed OS.
as test i make a new SD card ( SDFormatter, berryboot UNZIP )
boot in RPI , setup / format SD.. cancel at install OS from updated list
for that i had the drives disconnected, now connect again.
now press / hold mouse at ADD OS and you see the option to find the backups you did to USB stick.
that is how you can backup / recover a whole OS, even to a new berryboot SD.

the recover button in the menu has nothing to do with the backup..
with that you can reset / init a installed OS to its defaults, means delete all your usersettings!!

now, in case the problems come from the berryboot,
i want to try a new setup without.
( and test also the newer versions of open elec xbmc )

from this tool i hope to adjust / make better use of the SD card.
but i was not able to make 2 fat32 partitions on the card.
( or better windows can not deal with 2 partitions on a removable media )

so, other way,
from open elec images i get the OpenELEC-RPi.arm-3.0.6.img
and burn with win32diskimager to 8GB SD card.
then i see
F: 124MB, 28MB free, and a 768MB prim partition and about 6.6GB unused
( and that does not change with first run on RPI )
and copy my tuning to config.txt,
and use that tool to make 6.6GB ext4 partition on the unallocated space.

now, with this setup i think i am more lucky.
play with network, location and other settings,
++ i see that new drive ( partition i just made on the SD card )
++ i get the list of skins for download ( ?? so it was not my network )
++ weather info show also ( with advanced location settings )
++ putty ssh login ok,
. . . . under media see usb stick, usb HD and SD partition3
. . . . my total commander network sftp see: RPI with login root / openelec

test an other tool to check SD cards:
read write check
now thats in german and english, uses only the free space,

so a real test would be only possible after format SD back to 8GB fat32. ( using my apacer 8GB card (AP8GMCSH10-R))

now delete the test files or format again or just write a new image on SD card.

Add try to install the
Berry Web Server
after install ( 5MB, very fast ) user is pi,
you must give password: raspberry
then i see a msg about key commands CTRL ALT DEL and CTRL ALT F2
seems like must use (left)CTRL and (left)ALT on keyboard!!
and check from a other computer web browser IP works and server show
the php info.
Putty SSH login with IP, pi,raspberry ok ( see subdir www with a index.php in it. )
run from putty subdir PSFTP.EXE
use commands:
ls or dir and cd for remote directory
cd www
lpwd and lcd for local directory
lcd e:\...\...
put newfiletoremote for upload
get filefromremote for download
so you can make and upload your webpage!

filezilla is supposed also for filetransfer FTP SSH.
but somewhere seems to be encryption software... issues involved,
so i still need to work on that upload feature for my TOTAL COMMANDER,
my usual WIN7 file manager and FTP tool.

sorry, i have no idea to access the linux, to install a fix IP...
with that user login there is no root access, no nano editor... i am lost.
also real ftp would be nice to have.