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PICO_W use WS2812B


well i have a roll ( 1m 60LED ) WS2812B datasheet for long time..
and even have a bigger project in mind..
but no idea why i drag this for YEARS?

but generally there are some things to consider:

-a- there is a limitation for the Din signal voltage level
so bad luck a 3v3 micro command signal might not be understood by a 5V powered LED STRIP
but again i see online examples where it seemed to work
a interesting trick see here

-b- these special command signal ( kind of serial to the first ( chip under the RGB LED ) )
has a very high timing spec, not all micros can do that.

-c- little LED STRIP ( up to 8? ) can be powered by the USB 5V what feeds the micro,
a 1m 60 LED should have a own power supply ? 5V 3A

when you prepare a PICO_W for Circuit Python
-1- nuke flash
-2- flash actual CP800RC2+: adafruit-circuitpython-raspberry_pi_pico_w-en_US-20230202-aafec49.uf2
-3- check for /lib/ and examples from"