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PICO_W by MicroBlocks

see something about MicroBlocks also
can be used for PICO_W,
so let's check it out!

try: RUN

-1- i ready my board with nuke

-2- and use the menu from microblocks [system][update firmware on board][PICO W WIFI]

-3- connect to the new COM port

-4- code a BLINKY

-5- press RUN

-6- BLINKY & PB2 TOGGLE ext white LED

there are Blocks like for serial interface
( i like to send many DIAG texts to a 'terminal' like with Arduino or CP REPL .. )
but actually i have no idea how to use it?
while coding with Google Chrome the interface is in use anyhow
- - but i see no terminal window to open there?