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PMS1W again

as part of working with PICO_W
and try web-server... analog io
i again try a oscilloscope
but as part of a big project, so here,
( as we now have CP800RC1 upgarde anyhow )
the setup as a extra zip.

add a test puls 1000Hz as PWM on pin21 GP16

try to have the speed button menu inside the measuring page:

will see how stable that is? ( garbage management seems to work )
a true 6$ SCOPE

more see here
and here
and it is still included in here as
+ + what now needs a update with this version ( more HTML styling / test puls included )

now there are already many PICO .. OSCI projects..
but i think i am the only one doing the 'show' via a internal webserver ( so using the PICO_W advanced web-server )
but not use any graph lib for the scope screen / pure HTML inline SVG code /

you can watch it from PC / phone / smart TV inside your LAN
by call from any browser
( use fix IP: see settings.toml )

what i see often online is some hardware drawing using
3v3 - 1k -|
GND-1k -| - [ minus probe ]

GP26 - 100k - [ plus probe ]
looks good, but make sure that the PICO is on a isolating power supply ( or battery )

i do not need any new floating GND here as i work ONLY like measure other PICO ESP..
and for measure Arduino ( 5V ) or any > 3v3 need a Voltage divider..
something i not see for those projects.