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arduino without hardware?

for learning, some small tests, while on the road..
it might be good to play arduino code and circuit design
online, in a simulator.

i happen to read here
about tinkercad
and create new account /using email / password / verify

and start play at dashboard
with a arduino UNO ++ breadboard ++ pushbutton
minimal project.

also circuit and BOM

well i would not do that without a reason..
i am in a pickle about a code for this
? what a basic push button ? well it is nothing easy about a push button,
ever heard of bouncing? Arduino has even libraries about that DEBOUNCING..
example Debounce
but in a active project i typed my own little code and failed...
started debug, failed too
learned that the used hardware is just not working that way..
my first ESP8266 on a nodemcu board v0.9 yellow
using the flash button what is also used by other circuitry
well, it was not the target board anyhow,
that would be a ESP8266 inside a Sonoff S31
what use the flash button also as user power on - off button
and that might be on 220VAC so you not play that one live ( without the housing )

so i now play here tinkercad with some de-bounce code,
actually more time check code, as there is also LONG PRESS functionality...
while the real bounce of a push button can not be simulated here?