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BUN.js faster as NODE.js ?

just read about BUN here
and search videos at youtube or 'de'

now i expect it : and GIT
to work under 64b OS
but try first on RPI4 Bullseye 32b ( default RPI OS as of today )

curl | bash

pi@RPI4:~/projects $ bun --version
bash: /home/pi/.bun/bin/bun: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

ok, using my pinnwheel command to reboot to the 64bit version
update and install BUN same way
and same problem:

try to ask via twitter
but no answer.
well, he write smallprinted download is for x64 ( means for PC's? )

i could try on PC? but not windows,
i have: see my BLOG
a VMWare / Kali Linux /
want try there ( as admin ).
sudo su

curl | bash
bun --help

nano http.js
// http.js
export default {
port: 3000,
fetch(request) {
return new Response("Welcome to Bun!");

Run it with bun:

bun run http.js

BUN still in heavy work...
try 0.1.7