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RPI working environment

RPI working environment

RPI working environment

even i work RPI via VNC == remote desktop
i am still a terminal guy ( or something in between? )
for the enhanced terminal work see 3 open terminals ( in the VNC desktop):

-1- terminal using .bash_aliases ( and show mayor settings at terminal open )
( yes, here on a old RPI2 / but newest OS / for a hardware project )

-2- using MC not need to much linux commands ( like for file handling )
( a 2 window file explorer ) ( on win 10 PC i use Total Commander )
( with DOS i used Norton Commander )

-3- and just installed a new editor Tilde, to upgrade from nano
sudo apt install -y tilde
a more MC terminal compatible environment editor [F4]edit ( mouse usage / control keys / menus )
++ feel very good with that



BUT i am on desktop already? not need to much terminal,
the desktop file explorer PCManFM also can do 2 windows
( dual pane mode After deselect 'display simplified user interface and menus ' in [edit][preferences][layout] )

well, i expect to work 'here' same as when i open a ssh terminal ( bitvise ssh client ) or putty.
and that is the beauty of MC ...