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actually i am not the hardware guy,
but playing ARDUINO opens a wide range of playgrounds.
building "my uDUINO",
-- first breadboard,
-- second prototype power uDUINO
i started thinking about HOW TO make a DIY DUINO the smart way.

when i read about THE DIY DUINO i must admit that he put a lot of thinking in the PCB, and TOO much work.

if i end up with a project / product what needs a PCB ( for sales reason?)
i get it made.
but now still on hobby level,
i want build a stand alone controller fast and cheap,
planning and ordering might take more time as usual.
but buying production tools like for PCB etching, drilling
i am not interested in.

so getting connectors ordered i can play with some DESIGN IDEAS like:
no cpu socket, using single row female header pins (round)
gives me the space under the cpu for wiring...

and soldering on a experiment board:
the uDUINO prototype i did on a DOT TYPE and got angry,
i will not show u the photo of the backside of it.
now plan on a STRIPE TYPE board.

just using a instead of eagle...
hope it will proof to be well planned,
i will show you the "AS BUILT" later.

because the header thing on ARDUINO teached me how helpfull it could be,
use 2 of 2*14 header, both sides of cpu for I/O boards and as header.
( i hoped to use the headers also as cpu socket, but that does not work.)

shield / add on I/O boards, also a very good idea
actually i found that the screwblocks for the field cables are
the spaciest problem, and they are heavy!
same with the power MOSFET and the coolers!
so actually the I/O board will be BIG and HEAVY
and the controller should be a plug on for it.
so called HEADER BOARDS ( packed SMD controllers )
for plug onto own made PROJECT BOARDS is a good way to work
nearly professionel.

and plan for build it into a housing? i still hope a street shop
doing the steel sheet work can help me,
because when i prepared a steel sheet from some garbage
i badly cut my fingers.

so, now got it built
parts fit, soldering easy, cut the copper stripes tricky
backside looks much better
and worked from the start

here you can see the planning ( using open office drawing ) for the layout
and the circuit . for partslist and prices and orderlinks pls see here
where you also see that its possible to build it for about 8 EURO.

if you want to build it, it could be helpful to check also on this documentation,
only showing the copper stripe cuts plus the required wires
i used 2 of 2 row 14 pin headers ( not shown in layout planning )
parallel to the cpu socket rows, ( I LOVE THE STRIPE TYPE BOARD )
extra documentation for the header pins is not required, because its like the cpu PIN

only XTAL is not on header, instead Vin.

for development connected to a ARDUINO 2009 board without CPU ( as FTDI ),
if board not on external power (like 12VDC ) need also V5 from there.

RESET ---- pin1
D0 RX ---- pin2
D1 TX ---- pin3

( V5+ ---- pin7 )
GND ---- pin8

i used: ARDUINO 0022
select board: Arduino Duemilanove
test connection by terminal ( my sketch send from setup a info / revision msg )