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RPI - Chromebook?

now with several old Raspberry Pi boards 1B / 2B / 3B / 3B+
i think about to possibly use them just as a "smart" part of a HDMI TV
for friends and family, just for browse and check email...
if someone is not a fan of computer, not want to learn WINDOWS or LINUX...
a more minimalistic version might be better, just a browser version like in a CHROMEBOOK, the
: a computer where the operating system (LINUX) is hidden ( also check on KIOSK MODE )
and the browser is the only visible/operable surface.

last time i checked on that i failed to get the idea how to use it on a Raspberry Pi...
but a friend showed me a link at forum to following project
and it looks like a active / maintained OS for RPI, so i want to try it.

i downloaded ( for RPI3 )
chromiumos_test_image_r83r1-rpi3b.img.xz (563 MB / 6.6 GB)
and burn it ( like with ETCHER without need for unzip... ) to a 8 GB SD card

( also try with a 30GB USB 3 stick, but it did not boot.
for confirm i download and burn also there new ( 1.1 GB / 3.8 GB )
and that boot/setup/works fine from that stick, hm..)

now take out SD card
and plug in new burned SD card
and power-up with HDMI / keyboard/ mouse connected.

for setup have ready:
* WiFi login
* google email account
and setup ends at a grey screen with a taskbar at bottom:
(left) launcher ( RPI cam not run )
(middle) chromium ( browser window )
(right) WiFi info ( setup and shutdown )

at next boot now get a login screen for your email account ( but guest possible )

update 27.9.2021 on RPI4 works good