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using a Raspberry PI and Processing 3.5.3
i also play with export.... and make many snaps to show like with a tutorial how to use it,

until at a forum question i realized that i actually never tested it
on a RASPBIAN without processing.

-A- prepare a new system

-A1- download from 1.2 GB
( that is the desktop version recommended apps NOT installed )
and burn with etcher to a 8GB uSD

-A2- reopen ( remount) and make 'ssh' file so i can access the system remotely

-A3- boot and connect with 'Bitvise SSH Client 8.37' to []

-A4- enable 'VNC' and connect with it.

-A5- update and some default adjustments.

-B- existing RPI with Processing 3.5.3

-B1- use my default template and save to sketchbook as sketch_min

-B2- export with [linux] and [embed JAVA]

-B3- make sketch_min.tar.gz and copy to PC ( here use samba share network way )

-C- on new system test a processing export:

-C1- copy sketch_min.tar.gz to Documents/sketchbook/
( now must use SFTP as samba not installed )

-C2- unzip

-C3- run

sometimes i am very lucky!