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RPI Processing Video

i play with the spec. video lib for Raspberry Pi and Processing and could not play any video
( while video capture worked ) so i suspected the GStreamer thing used from it.

now i see also at forum same question:
and start digging.

also check local with

dpkg -l | grep gstreamer1

shows on a updated RASPBIAN BUSTER
are rev GSTreamer installed 1.14 ( one time 1.15 )
( while @gohai talks about a rev 1.12 provided in his library )

0.0 new install:
burn with etcher to a >= 8GB uSD card
( best like SunDisk Ultra A1 (U1) 16GB while the much more expensive (U3) cards for video recommended,
it is not verified RPI 1 ..3 can perform ( USB2 card reader? )
for RPI4 i have no info regarding this, i know it has USB3, but for the uSD card reader too?

0.1 new Processing install

curl | sudo sh

0.2 new video lib install ( via contribution manager )
+ set RPI to

sudo raspi-config

/ 5 interfacing options
// P1 camera / enable

/ 7 advanced options
( NOT NEED TO DO or UNDO )// A7 GL Driver Legacy == disabled )

Processing IDE / Tools / add Tool... / Libraries / GL Video // 1.3 Gottfried Haider
test examples
video ( get white video window , on mouse click and wait get timeout error )
and capture ( should work if camera installed )

1.0 now i try to build that video thing again:
..your sketchbook Processing/libraries/glvideo/library/

cp building-gstreamer.txt

chmod +x


// first line copy [ctrl][k][ctrl][u]
first line disable with #
copy line change
/ aptitude / apt -y /
save [ctrl][o][ctrl][x]


( an hour ( on the RPI3B+ hardware ) of running info though the terminal )

restart Processing
but no change, ( so actually what should i expect to be new? )
check on
is still the old one.

now i delete the new subdirs again ( was wrong, but this is my bLOG, not a MANUAL )
but esp. the original / resulting

and run the build again to see if it is now recreated??
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/home/pi/linux-armv6hf’: File exists

2.0 ok now i copy that directory ( created by the first build ) back to
/libraries/glvideo/library/linux-armv6hf ( what i deleted above )
and test processing again

i see that possibly less than half the files only where created by that build, no idea what is wrong with my setup or buildfile...

3.0 please, i know that is the most bad hack i ever tried,
but i use that resulting ( incomplete ) home/pi/linux-armv6hf content:
* new install library
* verify same problem
* copy the new build files into / over

and restart the processing sketch:

WOW, it worked???

* i will put the zip of the new files here, but the hack is too bad, you can try to copy that new files into.
this i verify insofar as i download and copy into the prior also checked other RASPBIAN stretch uSD.
( and only tested with that one example "SingleVideo" but works here too)

* also if you follow this build procedure, it changes your system, so make sure you work on a extra uSD system setup


GL video 1.3
video and camera not work anymore!

while updating my "old"&"repaired" system, no problem, still all works.

not try a build on the new one up to now, but want test

ok, after deleting video and GLvideo library i unzip
( as video )
and play movie and RPI camera OK

while that was good news, sure i try that same lib on my old system
and a-- it not found the camera and -b- had error on play video.
issue report

setup from
( try sound and video ( not work )
install Minim and