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that is not a joke,
i just got my first WIN 10 PC
( the old, using still WIN 7, i repaired ... and is still usable )
but i was thinking i need to upgrade to the new AMD RYZEN 5 3600
( what sadly not has a 3600G version / with needed graphic card it is not as BUDGET PC as i wanted )
on the second day that cpu was available here at my Thailand hometown.
but i gives me a boost in cpu benchmark: old PC 1700 / new PC 19000
BUT i have to learn again, as usual the hard way.
i am using:
-1- a WIFI router with a USB stick as SAMBA network drive
-2- all Raspberry Pi have SAMBA Server installed and share a subdirectory under the desktop.
( easy to use for make screenshots ( later want published here.. or Processing Forum )
on WIN 10 i not even see the devices.
they disabled the old?insecure? smbv1 network discovery

what to do?

ok, for me it was a 3 step thing:
-a- enable "SMB 1.0/CIFS file sharing support" again
-b- allow windows defender to let it through
-c- connect with windows file explorer / network / login (user/password)

after that this working network environment run again. (phuu )

as i am a old "DOS Norton Commander" user
i never use the OS internal file manager Not on Windows OR Linux
so also on WIN 10 i use the "Total Commander" ( Linux use "Midnight Commander" )
BUT, i was not able to login to the samba drives with it,
i had ( for first time login ( user/password/ remember ) only ) use the "File Explorer"
from then on it worked also via Commander