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The PI Game

The PI Game

i wanted to simulate that match stick game where you throw N sticks on a area with lines
( here line distance == 2 match stick length )
and count how many sticks cross a line ( you have to repeat that test and average )
PI <=> sticks / hits
some background info here
while the more general way with variable stick length / and line distance is
PI = 2 l n / t h
here with t = 2 l , so PI = n / h ( sticks / hits )

using a STARWARS theme for a text intro

the number of sticks are adjustable ( button ask int number )

and now also have a AUTO button to ( do NEXT ) run automatic ever second.

code try this

a test on RPI did NOT RUN

- - the translation to p5.js was heavy,
- - the starwars theme with WEBGL, rotateX, text() did not work,
- - buttons and text input for "sticks" number make new

pls play here

but not giving up so fast,
the problem with the p5.js / WEBGL / rotateX / text()
seems to be a general one,
and actually i think that is close to the thing i did long time ago making my own
119 w 101 e 98 b 102 f 111 o 110 n 116 t 32 space 98 b 121 y 32 space 83 S 86 V 71 G
now there is a more processing drawing approach ( line and arc ... )
forum , show , charset creator , at
so i try this STG font here

ok, that was interesting,
but now i want try something new,
Processing for Android
i never did a android app / would not have a idea how to start,
so that could be the entry point for me?

starting from the IDE try install andriod MODE see also here

and also install examples...

if no android device ( USB ) connected can use EMULATOR:

but not yet got anything running on it,
there is a info that with using ?AVD Android Virtual Device? is 10 times faster.
add i installed the KETAI tools