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Raspbian Desktop tweaks

Raspbian Desktop is getting better and better, still i want go deeper,
i look for a multi desktop feature and find
apt-cache show obconf
sudo apt install -y obconf

but at first i did not find the menu entry:
[menu][Preferences][main menu editor]
[enable] /Preferences/Openbox Configuration Manager
now go
[menu][Preferences][Openbox Configuration Manager]
/Desktops/Number of Desktops change to 2
and i give names
i found i can select the desktops by
++ mouse wheel ( as long mouse over desktop background )
++ mouse wheel pressed gives a differnt/bigger menu about desktops
++ i can right click a program window header and get context menu option
--> send to desktop: select [main][tools]
also a drag left / right of a window ( like push out of screen ) activates the switcher.

add i want the desktop select in the menu header line:
[add / remove panel items][ADD] spacer and Desktop Pager
operation and context menu info

after all i am happy besides that the desktop content
+ background
+ icons
is same for both, so there is no way to see which one your in.
here starts the googling for hours
i found some complicated things about creating different desktop subdirectories
and add need some switching tools...
but then i found this multibackground trick
so just change and add
nano /home/pi/.config/pcmanfm/LXDE-pi/desktop-items-0.conf

and dare a reboot
( different background but still with same desktop icon (set & position) )
now if i use the desktop config tool ( what overwrite that file ) or do a update it all might be lost.
we will see...