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RPI python 3D

i see some amazing 3D programming tools for python
doc and video and git
i install it and loaded the examples. sadly i started
python3 and see nothing ( as i was working VNC window ?) but test on HDMI TV worked.

there in the comments i also see the answer how he made that tutorial video, he say
The software I use to capture and edit the videos is Camtasia Studio.

ups pricing with a 30day free trial

following the video using GEANY instead IDLE3 was the first step after installation.
type / copy some code and test on TV, i have no idea why on my VNC ( real VNC ) window on PC the DISPLAY not work.

most of the examples work, but the DISPLAY window always on top, not movable, no way to lift up the lxterminal ... to see the needed info. Tk window test interesting, but same problem.
the Gui test, different from Tk, has bad problems with mouse, there are 2 pointers, both interact with that window and rest of desktop???

when i play ( via hdmi tv desktop ) i try to make a photo with scrot, no way.
what i try first was a sphere ( texture moon ) bouncing in a invisible cube in space, ( need moon.jpg from example texture )