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now you can use the RPI OS also on a PC to learn linux and coding and...
( but not hardware related things like GPIO usage .. )
here it is recommended to burn a USB stick ( using etcher )
The download was slow, a torrent link was not available,
the etcher install / use on win 7 easy, burning the
2016-12-13-pixel-x86-jessie.iso (1.4GB)
to a old 4GB USB stick.

as it not show up in boot menu i try again
win 7 desktop
-- install YUMI YUMI-
and burn with it
++ puppy linux lupu-528.005.iso
++ 2016-12-13-pixel-x86-jessie.iso
on the same 4GB usb stick
but the debian has a problem with my motherboardas many other linux distros too, at starting a bigger program / like browser / the onboard graphic fails ( shared memory problem?? )
next motherboard i must check if it is linux compatible.

update to etcher 1.0.0 on win7 PC
burn a SD card for RPI (ok)
burn a USB stick with new DEBIAN PIXEL ( for PC ) (boot ok )

-1- first point is the chaos at RPI homepage to find info/download for this.
while my old debian org HD still runs (wheezy), and the PIXEL desktop for RPI ( RASPBIAN ) is already old
this now called DEBIAN PIXEL ( look and feel and most tools like RASPBIAN (arm hf) has, just for PC motherboards, again give me problems. But this time it ( 4GB USB stick ) booted, i select "persistence"
play with install "mc" and with menu header line and reboot,
and lost the menu / system not operational. reboot to "reset persistence" not helped.
second test / new burn / not better, also found that in most cases a terminal "sudo reboot" or "sudo shutdown now" hangs up in a plymouth service
while a reset boot to "run non persistence" worked again ( with menu )
after using browser got my motherboard ram problem again...
so that stick need again cleaning.