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Firmata - Processing, p5.js, johnny5...

long time i not check on that visualization tools processing and several web / js versions
for arduino running Firmata.
It is not my main interest because arduino coding is most fun, but still i want to see that world grow too.

using a old arduino duemillenova compatible and a arduino leonardo i first download
Arduino IDE 1.6.11 windows 32 version for my old win7/32bit box
and also
processing 3.2.1
and p5.js....

i upload from File/Examples/Firmata/ the StandardFirmata.ino to both arduinos
and see at the monitor ( at 57600 bd ) after 5 sec. like "xxxStandardFirmata.inoxxx"

at arduino find old "Library for Processing v2.0: (Updated 6 Nov. 2013) "
First must start processing and check
File/preferences path .../Processing3 with file-manager check what processing copied there (at first startup)!
and i copy the /arduino/ subdir from the zip to
now can find with
File/Examples/Contributed Libraries/ Arduino (Firmata)/
arduino_input / _input_mega / _output / _pwm /_servo examples.

or here get

i play with the outputs and check for board LED
( but saved as a modified version ) after have to change the usb link number from [0] to [1]
after i see at Processing window down left like "COM1 COM14"
knowing my arduino use the COM14 in this case.
? you find that line ?

now why the first output ?switch? is mapped to the board LED D13 i did not check, i just wanted to know if the environment works.