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long time ago i worked on a system to measure current and volt of the MAINS
with features like
++ batch data collection
++ kW calculation
++ scope function
++ frequency calc by FFT
++ USB menu operation
++ + local touch LCD or
++ + webserver or
++ + SMS data protocol for remote location
++ multi line for check more consumers
for old BLOG info see here and here and here and here and here.

latest circuit ( arduino shield )

latest code version: ARDUINO Project: POWER METER TOOLBOX + TFT touch LCD V1.6Ma / V1.6b /
the work with the touch LCD was interrupted when some hardware burned out, so i am confused
about that status.
according to my project backup i do have a rev. 2, what i want use for this, but i can not test without that LCD hardware. A other problem of that version 2.0.1, the SMS integration was not (anymore) possible for the small flash in UNO, possibly only need clean up some texts...
the result will be linked here, but without testing features like SMS and LCD ... pls read the A_rev_info.ino

Now i have a special situation that i need to check on the main power again:
after have bad luck with a new water heater unit (4.5kW what possibly has a dimmer type temperature control )
and also my UPS of the desktop PC is frequently clicking
the multi-meter check show power dips from 230VAC down to 207VAC ... 190VAC
even at the electric counter ( so no problem of house intern cables) when using the 4.5kW heater
but also when heater is OFF, possibly by some other consumer prior to my house ( building site use welder?? )
for help i asked already the heater service ( who now say its a power supply problem )
and at the Thai Visa Forum

It would be good to have better info to talk to the power company PEA
like from a oscilloscope or do a
POWER MONITOR revival to see volt and current ( is the heater a dimmer? ) plotted ( Chart type scope function ),
but for that i would first need to build a 20 A version by using a 1 ohm burden / shunt
but i should use a "bigger" CT (Current Transformer) as my used model has that flux limitation see TZ2L9 so the measuring range 20A ( 4.5kW at 230V ) or 17A ( at 200V ) is already out of range for that CT.
So better order 60A CT, a clip on type for the house main power supply ( 16sqmm copper wire / fused 50 A )

now as i wait for hardware i still want to reuse the old shield/board and instead of my "play" leonardo a old WIFI arduino. As i forget how to use it i looked at a old blog info here and noticed that most of the old links not work anymore. But here a updated link to that Linksprite Diamondback board, surprisingly still ON SALE??
Even if i not get wifi running again from new IDE, still might just use it as FTDI arduino ( Duemilanove Atmel Mega 328P). And after i found the right USB cable ( mini-B connector ) and play (COM4) monitor ( at 38400baud ) it even talked to me:" WIFI init ".
After upload above version: ( no shield connected ) ( and not using WIFI... options )

and the menu ( [space] [Enter] or [?] [Enter] )

later i will try again about using web-server, to show power consumption of the ( new ) house at a "DIY smart" TV using Raspberry Pi.