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Arduino on RPI

here a update about install arduino IDE on RPI:
as i change back from arduino leonardo to UNO i fight with the arduino time, as the UNO resets at any serial connection my dummy time also. the records in MEAN / Mongo are worthless.
for a sketch with good TIME and RTC ( what already is connected at that UNO ) would be good to have a newer arduino IDE on RPI:
mkdir arduino
cd arduino
wget // 78MB 1 minute
tar xvf arduino-nightly-linuxarm.tar.xz // 2min
cd arduino-nightly
start from desktop icon
file / preferences/ /home/pi/sketchbook/
tools board UNO
tools port ACM0
test compile / upload / serial monitor /
so that is very easy now to get the newest IDE ( 1.6.9 ) see